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We, Madhav Equipment and Engineers Pvt. Ltd, take this liberty of introducing ourselves as a reputed manufacturer of various kinds of Chemical Process Equipments for Pharmaceutical, Paints, Chemical, Agrochemical and Food Processing industries. Established in 1989, we have a privilege to state that our specialised line of manufacturing is the fabrication of equipment like Reactors, Pressure Vessels, Reaction Kettles, Autoclaves, Reboilers, Columns, Heat Exchangers, Tanks etc. in Stainless Steel. Our equipment is second to none in workmanship and quality.

We are in this line with the services of dedicated technical team. Our workshop is situated at Mumbai and Kalyan with a built up area of 45,000 sq.fts and 25000 sq.fts under Crane.

Our design and fabrication is according to various Engineering and Fabrication codes like ASME, BS, DIN, cGMP etc., subjecting the equipment to rigid tests and stage wise inspection by our inspection team as well as Client’s Inspection Authority or Third party Inspection Agency. Besides we have the Engineering Consultants for design and quality control arrangements. We have in house facility of Computer aided designing and drafting. We have developed various customised software programs for mechanical designing and drafting.

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